Frequently Ask Question:

Choose a wordpress agency that assures of giving industry standard wordpress solutions. It should enhance your online presence and complement your brand.
It completely depends upon your requirement, the cost varies depending upon what type of website you want for your business. Generally a one pager website in Germany costs around €399.
The website can be made beautiful by adding visuals. The websites should be engaging and catch the users’ attention. There are many visual elements like photos, videos, infographics that you can add to make it work perfect for your business.
This all depends upon your desire. If you have a desire to build beautiful websites, then it will be easy for you. On the other hand, it sometimes becomes tough when you design responsive websites.
First of all you need a domain name. Then you need a good website with appealing web pages. Usually a good webpage has nice pictures and interesting texts that are not only informative, but also varied. The website should also have the best content management system (CMS), which makes things easier for future changes. We recommend WordPress for this. We are happy to assist you in creating a homepage.
We are happy to support you when it comes to hosting your new domain.
- Registration of your desired domain / s - Set up email accounts (including spam filters) - Domain move - Setting up the SSL certificates for HTTPS - Set up PHP and MySQL for CMS - Visitor statistics
We use an editorial system (CMS). In this way you can easily and understandably change the contents of your website yourself and create new ones. You don't need a lot of knowledge in software or website development. It is simple, quick and uncomplicated to use. We would be happy to offer you a brief introduction to the CMS system.
We offer different changes or modifications. Depending on customer requirements, there are numerous adaptations and solutions that we can integrate and develop a customer specific homepage. You are welcome to tell us your requirements and preferences and we will develop a transparent and individual offer for you.
Search engine optimization or (SEO) provide methods of implementing websites in such a way that they appear in top rankings in the search engine results. This is usually referred to as the top 10 positions.
The ranking in the search engine results is called ranking. The placement depends on many factors and is calculated by special algorithms. Some factors can be improved by search engine optimization so that the placement can be increased in the long term. A good placement in the first TOP results is aimed by professional SEO.