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How can Live Chats Drive the Success of the E-commerce sites?

Thursday February 27, 2020

Do you know that conversion rates for an e-commerce website generally remain low? It means that if 100 people are visiting the online stores then we get only 2% to 3% actual customers. Well! This sounds sad! However, in today’s world, luckily 1000s of people visit the e-commerce stores and if 2% to 3% are actually converting as customers then this sounds great.

No matter whether the conversion is good or bad, you always strive hard in having a high conversion rate for the business. You always make sure that you do each and every task in getting the high conversion rates. Though you know many ways using which you can make a customer land to your business. But one of the ways could be using a Live Chat which can convert visitors and increase customer service.

Live Chat is a modern medium to connect to visitors and customers in a quick way. It gives ample opportunities to actually resolve customer issues in a real-time scenario.
So let’s learn what are its benefits and how can it be helpful to small to big online ventures.

Quick Customer Assistance

Nowadays people love to have store assistance when they are searching for things online. It doesn’t matter what they are searching, they want quick support in regard to some of their common problems. The website is not intuitive to answer customers’ queries. And At times the customers remain too busy to go through each and every page to search what they are searching for. In these conditions, the potential visitor can switch to another website and you lose it. So here the live chat comes helpful, and live agents can assist the customer. And who knows that a visitor can become a potential customer.

Multiple Customers at one Time

The live chat is also a better form of communication when there is a need to connect to several customers at a time. Generally, customer service uses the phone and it is not possible to handle several customers via phone. So, live chat is a good source of communication when a service agent can resolve multiple queries of multiple customers online. This way you won’t be missing any customers and no customers have to wait in a queue.

Chat Window Appears on Every Page

Another good point about live chat windows is that they appear on every webpage. It increases the chances of the customers to connect with your agents and chat. Whenever the customers want some help they are just one click away to connect with you. So if you treat your customers well, give authentic advice to them. Then chances are that they can place big orders. So use chat to connect with them in a better way.

Automated Chat Greetings

The automated chat greetings are one of the powerful features in live chat communication. It works exactly the same way as you are greeting the customer in person. So once the visitor enters the website, then chat greetings can start and offer assistance. Knowing the customer’s pain point would, in turn, help more in fixing their issues. Offering them instant help may, in turn, please them and maybe they will finish by placing an order.

Spot The Returning Customer

Live Chat asks for some basic information from the customer before the chat session continues. The information like names and e-mail address can help you as an e-commerce business to verify whether the customer is new or old. If the customer is old then you can suggest some products of their preference based on their previous queries. Connecting this way to the customer will certainly enhance the credibility and goodwill of your store.


In order to provide effective customer service, you should keep track of all the metrics and improve service. The reports allow you to keep track of all the metrics and thus help in improving customer service. Besides all the metrics, one of the important metrics is the total number of chats your customers agents have with customers. Then response time in which the queries have been answered by the agents. Last but not the least, customer satisfaction. So check upon these metrics and if you find that there is a need for improvement, then go or it.


Undoubtedly, the live chat is the fastest way to reach customers quickly. The live chat can tremendously help e-commerce businesses to drive high and increase sales. Selecting the right live chat tool can work as a robust solution for e-commerce business, can increase traffic, and of course can help in conversions.

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