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Know Some Email Marketing Metrics that Every Marketer should know

Monday March 23, 2020

Email marketing is not a daily routine task that can be accomplished in a day. It takes time and efforts to master. Every campaign demands different email marketing metrics. Keeping best practices in mind helps you to overcome risks, increase user engagements and drive traffic. Though just knowing best practices alone wouldn’t suffice, you need to know your goals and then decide your success. But on the other side, each and every marketing campaign is different for which you need to have different marketing metrics. So for your better understanding, here are a few common metrics that you should have a command on. These marketing metrics are quite useful and successful and you should include in your campaign.

Open Rate

This is the simplest email marketing metric and it tells you how well your subscribers are receiving your messages. This metric will tell you that how many subscribers actually opened your email and checked it. Open rates give you the success rate of your subject line. Researches showed that emails with subject lines with subscribers’ names on them are more likely fascinate the subscribers. This metric works well when you really want to access the trust of the subscribers.

Click through Rate

This is another metric that gives you an idea how well your campaigns are working and performing. CTR measures that how many subscribers or users actually opened the links contained in the email. When crafting emails, make sure to include links to increase click through rates. Include links on appropriate places and add call-to-action button that subscribers can use it.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates will measure that how many people clicked on the link and completed a specific action. For example, if you made a link in your email for some purchase, then conversion rate will tell you that how many people actually made a purchase. The conversion rate will give you insights into ROI. When you know that the links and investment you are making are paying you off. It helps you access more results and allows you to make more strategically advanced plans for your campaign.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are the metrics that measure how many email subscribers don’t receive your email. There are two types of bounce rates, one is soft bounce rate, which aware you about temporary problems with email addresses. And the hard bounce rate which aware you about permanent problems.

Spam Complaints

It is of course discouraging and disappointing to learn that your emails are marked as spam. Though you can ignore this but paying attention to this matter can save you from spam complaints. If this metric goes high, then it is quite possible that email service provider can block your account. The mail service provider will always keep a track on this metric. But you also keep an eye that nothing is getting wrong and your copywriting meets design standards.

Overall ROI

This is the metric that every marketer should track. This tells you how much return you are getting on your investment for your marketing campaign. Without this metric, you can’t plan for your next move. This will help you in fixing the loopholes if any you are making. The email marketing is an investment, but it has the highest ROI in the whole digital marketing strategy.

Domain Open Rate

This rate is important if you want to see the success of your deliverability. This rate will help you to know what percentage of people are opening your emails on a specific email provider. Doing so, will help you if you are facing some sort of problems with specific domain’s spam filter.

Those are a few of the email marketing metrics that every digital marketer should know. These metrics help any marketer to know about the data related to email campaigns. They help you to seek user activities related to your marketing campaign. Helps you to focus on your goal and enhance your marketing campaign if there is any requirement.

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