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SEO Techniques which will Work Amazingly for Website in New Year

Monday January 20, 2020

Well! New Year is just around the corner and you must be a bit confused about what to focus now. Right? It’s always good to find new things related to SEO and its techniques. It is always better to look forward to learn more about SEO as it is an oxygen for improving the site’s ranking. Besides that, learning new things about SEO also helps in keeping pace with the Google’s new trends, techniques and strategies. So, planning ahead before the New Year will also aid you in planning for new business strategies.

So here in this blog, there are some new and advanced SEO techniques discussed which will work fabulously for your website. Though the basic SEO things are still necessary and will be used. But apart from those basic SEO techniques, learning new and advanced SEO techniques will certainly help you in driving traffic to your website in the coming New Year.

Work for Position 0

Work for Position

You must have noticed a box when you search for any query in Google. These are called featured snippets or Position 0 in SEO context. This is the place where you see the content displayed as per your query or any question you put in the Google Search box. Now why does it called as Position 0? Well! This position displays answers to search queries in a brief manner. So, your target in the New Year should be to attain this Position 0 in the SERPs.

If you land a Position 0 in search engine result page, then it will help in improving brand awareness, increases traffic and will channel up ROI. According to a study, even if you aren’t ranking in Position 1 in search results, but having Position 0 then also you can gain 31% of traffic. Now here are some ways using which you can access Position 0 in the SERPs.

  • Draft content such that it helps in answering to some common queries.
  • Try to know what type of queries your target audience can raise.
  • Write content that should be crispy, accurate and of course of high-quality.
  • Try to provide a relevant and accurate answer.

Optimization of Video

Optimization of Video

People prefer video nowadays whenever they want to find out about any product. So this sounds incredible to learn that you can access a greater amount of traffic through video itself. So work upon creating resourceful and useful videos. Because the videos going to remain a sensation in the coming New Year through which you can gain at least 75% traffic to your website.

The video marketing is an effective strategy to imbibe and using YouTube is a great way as it is a great platform to show off about your product. Everyone is crazy about YouTube and there are millions of searches through YouTube. So optimize YouTube videos and make sure that the videos are SEO friendly.

User Experience

User Experience

Many users ignore advertisements. So it’s better to rank a website organically rather than going for advertising the brand. Try to make website user-friendly that help in reducing bounce rate. This way your website can reach high in SERPs. Optimize website by placing heading tags, navigation and call to action elements, so that it can give a nice user experience. Here are some ways using which you can increase user experience.

  • The Website should be Mobile Friendly.
  • Enhance the Page Speed
  • Add Social Media Buttons
  • Avoid Popups.

Make Use of Free and Paid Tools

Make Use of Free and Paid Tools

As a business owner, you definitely care about the SEO. So then you also would want to analyze the performance of your website. Isn’t it? For this, nothing much is required as you can make use of free and paid tools through which you can analyze the performance of your website. In addition to this, you can also able to fix a few errors and can access to website reports. Hence, relying on these free and paid tools for SEO is one of the effective ways to manage a website in a very well-defined manner.

  • Ahrefs- SEO Keyword Tool
  • SEMRush- Marketing SEO Tools
  • Moz- SEO Software
  • Google Search Console- Top SEO Tool
  • SpyFu- Free SEO Tools
  • Google Trends- SEO Checker Tool

This was just a brief on some of the SEO techniques. When you use these techniques in the coming New Year would certainly draw traffic to your website. So prioritize things and strategies and never stop learning about SEO and its techniques.

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