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Top payment gateways for your ecommerce business

Thursday September 27, 2018

Indisputably, a payment gateway is a powerful tool that can distribute your business profits to a great extent and helps reassure visitors about their authenticity and reliability. There is no disagreement that a useful and genuine payment gateway system can increase the saleability of your products and also help you gain the trust of your customers and customers. But make sure that you have the payment options set in the right way, otherwise there would be a huge loss of your orders that could be placed in your online store. With that said, let's just focus on some of the best payment gateways that are not only trustworthy but also add more numbers to your sales and promote long-term success for your online business endeavors.


Good! Thanks to the Authroize.Net since its inception in 1996, a successful success has been achieved and has come a long way to becoming the cheapest payment gateway system for more than 400,000 merchants worldwide. It has a very flexible way of accepting payments through credit cards and electronic checks. There is a nominal fee of $ 49 for you to pay first and then $ 29 monthly for gateway fee. The Authorize.Net work wonders for stores that are developed on Magento Framework.


It is one of the most popular and widely accepted payment gateway system that offers the flexibility to use both credit and debit cards for successful payments. Buyers are not limited to pay any kind of fee when using. However, e-commerce business owners must pay a transitional fee when making credit card payments through PayPal. This system does not allow you to worry about any setup fees or monthly fees.

Now, all owners of newly established online stores can take a breeze of relief, because gives them a chance to save themselves from their tight budget and the inaccessibility to purchase a large payment gateway system in order for their business to set up. The requires a nominal fee of $ 10 as a monthly gateway fee and there is no requirement for paying a fee for the facility. Its credit card processing system is successful in serving more than 52,000 shopping sites.

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