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WordPress Agency Tips – How to Protect a WordPress Website from Hackers?

Wednesday May 19, 2021

If you own a WordPress agency, then you must know the solution to all types of WordPress problems, so that you can serve your clients better. A recent study conducted in the European Union found that more than 45% of the live WordPress sites are always vulnerable to hacking. To prevent your client’s or your WordPress agency website from getting hacked, you need to know ‘how to secure a website that is built on WordPress?’

The bad news is that hackers prefer WordPress sites to hack because it is quite easier for them. They just target the theme, plugins, or the login page, and the complete process is done. But, there are some steps to prevent hackers from hacking a WordPress site. Below listed are some of the ways, which you can use to prevent the hacking of the website of your WordPress agency clients. Let’s begin!

Securing with a Firewall

Firewalls are used to block the entry of any malicious intruder into the website. While delivering your WordPress agency services, you can install a plugin on your client’s website – WordPress. It is a WordPress firewall plugin that helps in blocking an abusive bot. Abusive bots can be dangerous for any website because they are a process of site attacks.

Hardening of Website Security

With the help of another plugin, Security, you can provide an extra protection layer to a WordPress website. Many bad bots can deploy your website security and proceed with certain kinds of website attacks. Security plugin lets you know each time a log-in is done in your website. Therefore, if a hacker is logging in, you will know instantly. It is advisable to use this plugin, every time you launch your client’s website as a part of your WordPress agency service.

Limit Logins to Your Site

Do you know that there are bots, which repeatedly fills random usernames and passwords in a website’s admin login page? This can be a great chance for your website hack because a single attempt with a correct input combination of your username and password can get the hacker logged into your website. In this case, there is a plugin that can be very helpful for you. The ‘Limit Login Attempts Reloaded’ plugin will start blocking all hackers who enter incorrect username and password combination. In a way, you will limit the login attempts to your site with repeated incorrect attempts.

Update Your Plugins and Themes

You must always update the plugins and themes on your website, whenever it is available. If you forget to do it manually, you can go for automatic updates, which is also a feature of WordPress. If you serve your WordPress agency services to your clients, make sure that you always update these for your client. The reason behind it is that an out of date plugin or theme are more vulnerable to hacking.

Bottom Line

Keeping your site safe and secure is very important nowadays because the case of site hacking is increasing day by day. Being a WordPress agency service provider, you must always follow the above written small steps to ensure the high-end security of your website and prevent it from getting hacked. You can try either the free versions of this plugin, but paid versions are more effective.

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