Give your customers access to your website no matter where they are.

Today, around 70% of users use apps to use different services. For example, to read the daily news, it is preferable to use news apps instead of visiting the website. For the booking of taxis, flights or hotels, we also use apps, as well as for the ordering of clothing and consumer goods.

Mobile apps have become increasingly important in recent years. Therefore, we advise you to develop a mobile app for your services. At LeanPort, we first understand your business and then design a mobile application that meets your needs. We add functionality to the app according to your needs and always consider your current and future compatibility.

We develop apps for different platforms, including:

How Our Mobile Apps Services Can Change Your Business Or Idea:

  • We create a functional, intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • We add design, color and trends by inserting visual elements.
  • We develop socially activated apps
  • Before delivery, we test all applications thoroughly.
  • We have many positive customer reviews
  • All the apps we develop are responsive, so they automatically adapt to any device size

We develop different types of mobile apps:

  • News Apps

  • Social network apps

  • Service apps

  • Marketing Apps

  • Corporate apps

  • Learning apps

  • Shopping Apps together with Payment Gateway / Social Media Integration