LeanPort is highly specialized in Social Media Optimization (SMO). We have a team of SMO experts who develop concepts to best present and distribute your content, products and services on social media.

Our customers always ask the same question, "Why is SMO so important for my website?" The answer is pretty close. We all know that social networks are playing an increasingly important role. Social network users exchange and advise each other. If a user likes your page / community, they will register as a fan or follower and provide feedback. This will make your website visible to many users. Not only this, but friends other users will also become attentive and may also like the products. This never-ending chain doubles visitors to your website in no time at all. All you have to do is contact us with an order. Our social media experts make sure that you get a positive impact on social media and become a topic of conversation as you sit back and enjoy the growing number of relevant customers on your website.

Our SMO experts use a range of social networks and communities to promote your content, products and services. In SMO, we use different types of social media, including RSS feeds, social messages, social networks like Twitter and Facebook, blogging sites, and more.

Our only goal is to generate relevant traffic for your website / products / services to increase the visibility.We do this by optimizing your website, according to contractually agreed terms, for the distribution on social media and various networking sites.