NDA || Commencement

As an IT industry, we understand the importance of trust that is required before we collaborate and we assure your trust in us will never be misplaced. Everything that you share with us is protected by the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Proposal || Defining Scope & Approach

We can confidently say that we make every effort possible to achieve your timing commitments, budgetary restrictions, and other requirements without compromising with your interests. To make sure there is no delay or misunderstanding later, we define the scope and approach of the project. To define the successful approach and scope to meet our client’s expectation on time.

Agreement || Understanding Between Two

Agreement is a mere formality. When the project discusses it and the question is answered, we sign an agreement with our client.

Analysis || Project Requirement and Business Analysis

Our experts thoroughly analyze the project’s details and understand the business goals of clients. We therefore classify the requirements to make analysis efficient: Functional Requirements, Operational Requirements, and Technical Requirements. This helps us to provide the best possible solution that can match your business strategy.

Consulting || Development and Marketing Strategy

The overall success of any application depends on the strategy that you are using. We help you make your vision come to life. Moreover, we maintain transparency as a part of the development cycle.

Prototype || Preliminary Version or Mock Designs

Before starting development, we design mock-ups and create interaction programs for your project. We make sure that the mock-ups are relevant enough to compare. At this stage, you want to make any possible changes to any deliverable. Our UI experts ensure that it is user-friendly before we start building it.

Coding || Alpha, Beta, and Final Version

Our skilled developers codes the whole project in three versions so as to get a flawless product. The first version is roughly coded and does not include each and every feature. However, the main features are included in this version. In beta version, we include all features and connects to the server as well. This version is followed by Final Version.

Testing || Manual and Automated Testing

We ensure that every version from Alpha to Final is flawless and therefore we thoroughly test each version either manually or by automated tools. We make sure that the final version has no bugs and is ready for delivery. Testing helps to maintain the quality of the project and deliver a flawless project within the time frame.

Evaluation || User Acceptance Testing

We consider User Acceptance Testing as the final stage of the development process. We even provide UAT (User Acceptance Training) by using client use cases or by using in-house test protocols. Once all the stages are successfully executed, we deliver the project along with all the documents and guidelines required.

Maintenance || Support, Maintenance and Further Development

Even after project is live or after delivery of the project, we are available 24 hours for support. Moreover, adding new functionalities, or changing design in the future or add anything else, etc.