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Best Practices of Online Marketing Agency Berlin to Get New Clients

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Getting clients and businesses is the primary target of almost all marketing agencies. Without a business coming in, an agency cannot survive in the competitive market. An online marketing agency in Berlin always needs to plan and implement an up-do-date marketing and sales practice which can gradually result in a sustainable pipeline of new business and long-lasting client relationships. Of course, now day’s traditional practices don’t reward a business, as it used to, like a decade ago. The marketing efforts of an online marketing agency Berlin should include a list of best practices for excelling in bringing new business, that too constantly.

In this article, we are going to list some of the ‘proved’ best practices which can not only increase the size of your ‘number of clients’ but also help them in retaining a business for a long period of time. Let’s begin!

Employ a Dedicate Marketing Personnel

A recent survey report from US states that ‘the marketing head of any company is a major responsible person for the total revenue of any company’. This report was generated after surveying and compiling of data from numerous corporations. Always try to focus on recruiting a person to the post of ‘marketing head or director’, who is a full dedication and experience in handling multiple marketing projects in the past with positive results.

SLA between Marketing and Sales Team

You must always ensure that both the marketing and sales team of your online marketing agency Berlin, align and collaborate with each other. SLA (Service Level Agreement) is proved to increase ROI of any company by almost 34%. A recent report from Hubspot’s State of Inbound, companies which were following SLA practice between sales and marketing teams saw 40% higher customer retention and 44% higher sales win rates. Now, you must be smart enough, what’s beneficial for your online marketing agency Berlin.

Manage Your Prospects in a CRM

This is the task of the sales team, but, you being a boss should always supervise these things. Another recent report from a leading CRM provider found that still 42% of salespeople store their lead data in a physical file such as spreadsheet. On the same note, another survey report found that businesses which were using CRM rather than spreadsheet improved their conversion rates and sales reps by almost 62%. Basically, CRM increases the revenue part, client retention and also helps your online marketing agency Berlin, in improving the client experience part with your company.


No doubt, all the above noted points will not only boost revenue for your online marketing agency Berlin, but it will also help you in getting new clients and business as well as retaining them for a long period of time. Always try to include the latest trends and advancements in technology in your business development practices, so that you take the lucrative benefits of getting an increased business as well as revenue value.

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