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Power up your Earnings Using Powerful AdSense Tips

Friday August 14, 2020

Everyone on the web is eager to learn methods and ways through which he or she can maximize their earnings. The Internet has given all of us a plethora of opportunities which can help anyone to use skills and earn money. And one such way is the Google AdSense which is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways that can make you earn money online easily and speedily. The only criteria while using AdSense is to adhere to all AdSense guidelines to earn money online without any hassles. So what are those guidelines or tips? Want to know? Then go through the blog and learn some important AdSense tips that will certainly help you achieve impeccable money earning results.

Location of Ads

Now this is one of the important tips: the location of the Ads. Yes! The position of the ads plays a huge role in fostering your earnings up. So try to place the ads in such a position on the web page where the users can easily click. It is always suggested to place the ad above the fold so that users need not to scroll else you can also put the ad in the main content page.

Publish Content Frequently

Regardless of the type of the website, you can choose to publish the content on your website frequently. This will result in more frequent visits of the customers to your site which in turn would help you have more visits to your ads. Now when more users click on your ads, then your AdSense revenue will increase and you will have more profit.

Standard Ad Size

When building your ad, make sure that you set the size as set by the AdSense. And they are usually in sizes such as 728*90, 336*280, 300*250 etc. The other size dimensions are not so popular and lead you to earn less. Also try to show both text and image as this will increase the number of advertisers who are competing for ad spaces which further give better earnings.

Improve AdSense Referrers

You can check for the referrers in the Google Analytics account which is connected with Google AdSense under Behaviour-> AdSense-> AdSense Referrers. Here you can check from where you are getting more referrers; is it from Facebook or is it from other social media account. When you come to know about the source of the referrers, then try to work on those profiles and improve it more. This will further generate traffic and you will earn more.

So these are few of the AdSense guidelines or tips in short. You can learn more and follow all the tips to make your Ads look better and enhance AdSense revenue.

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